4 Benefits of an HOA Work Order Software for Your Team

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Managing communities comes with the great responsibility of organizing work orders that come your way.  Your ability to keep detailed records and communicate with your community members in a timely manner makes a big difference in maintaining a happy, clean, and safe environment.  In our last blog post, we highlighted five best practices to streamline your work order lifecycle process and pipeline.  Investment requires a great deal of research, resources, and time.  In this blog post, you\’ll learn about the benefits that an HOA work order software provides to your team.  

  1. One platform to organize all work order information

    When doing an internet search for a work order management software to invest in, create a list of all the features you already know that you want.  Cross-check those features with your existing processes, what you already do very well at, and what aspects of your process needs improvement.  Ensure that the functionality of these features will allow you achieve your set objectives.  You can avoid purchasing multiple applications or switching between multiple browsers at once.  Don’t settle for less than being able to keep all your information secured in one place. 

  2. Detailed tracking

    A work order software enables your management to create and keep detailed records of your service requests, whether it was submitted just yesterday or a few years ago.  A well-designed software allows for easy access, extensive search capabilities, and for different types of files to be attached to a ticket.  For easy viewing and tracking, all information should be detailed in one screen.  

  3. Assign and schedule with ease

    Once you have created a ticket for the service requested, you will want to ensure that a resolution is found and implemented.  An all-inclusive work order system will support assignment and scheduling of a ticket to a vendor or contractor.  The vendor should also be notified of when he or she is scheduled to come in.  Eliminate confusion on accountability and enhance reliability. 

  4. Simplified monitoring with report generation

    How long does it take on average for each resident-reported issue to be resolved?  Are we spending more time on a specific phase of the work order management lifecycle than we should be?  Reporting is no longer a luxury, but a necessity when it comes to monitoring the efficiency of service request fulfillment.  A multi-functional software will also enable you to print out reports to hand to vendors.

Investing in a work order management system or software helps you maintain an organized maintenance pipeline, polish follow-up communications with vendors and residents, and monitor the performance of your workflow.  Improving the management of your premises is one essential factor that leads to improved residents\’ perception of your brand.  The higher quality your WOM (Work Order Management), the more WOM (Word of Mouth) referrals your brand will be positioned to receive.

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