December 2022: Dashboard gets a brand-new look!

December 6, 2022 release notes

In this month\’s release, learn about the newly upgraded dashboard for managers, board members, and residents!

Upgraded Dashboard

The dashboard, which provides managers, board members, and residents with a live snapshot of their tasks and requests, gets a brand-new look!  We’ve made this change to give our clients a more seamless experience in viewing all of their tasks and important community information. The upgraded dashboard gives you more information while improving readability! 

Take a look at the before and after images of the dashboard below and read on to learn how these changes will make your work easier! 





What\’s Changed

See a list of all your tickets

A list view of all your tickets replaces the grid view, which makes it easier to see all of your assigned work or requests at a glance. 

Here’s how the ticket list can help each user:

  • Managers – See a list of tasks that are open and assigned to you in one community or across all your communities.
  • Board Members – See a list of open tickets and those assigned to you.  
  • Residents – Easily keep track of your open tickets, such as work orders, ACRs, support, waiting packages, and violations.  

View latest messages

Previously, the dashboard showed how many messages managers sent or residents received.  Now, the dashboard shows a preview of the most recent messages.


Community information at your fingertips

You can now see the community’s contacts, board member contacts, and office hours directly in the dashboard. In addition, residents can contact management or submit a support request from the dashboard view.


About Pilera

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