Tips to Manage Your Community Calendar in Pilera

Pilera’s built-in event calendar helps you manage community events and email notifications all in one simple user interface.  As a new feature makes its way to the community calendar, we thought of compiling top tips to make managing your events easier! 

Create custom calendars

If your community hosts a variety of events, you can organize them in Pilera using the Custom Calendars feature.  Does your community have monthly board meetings? Do you often need to notify residents when maintenance activities are taking place? Does your community host fun virtual events such as a trivia night? Consider creating separate calendars for board meeting events, maintenance activities, community events, and clubhouse availability. Managers, board members, and residents can drill down to the specific calendar they want to view upcoming events for in the portal or website.  Each calendar is color-coded for easy readability.  


Set up recurring events – NEW!

Most communities will have an event that they need to schedule on a regular basis. Managers can now create Recurring Events, a new feature in Pilera, to easily add, update, and delete these ongoing events.  Managers can set up recurring events to occur on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis.  For weekly events, managers can specify the days in which the event occurs or if it occurs every other day.  From regular board meetings to weekly trash pickup or monthly virtual hangouts, just create a recurring event to automate the process! 


Send on-demand email notifications

Once you’ve set up your event in Pilera, you can send email notifications on-demand to your community.  That means you can send an email notification for the event when you want to. For example, if you want to send a notification a week or a day before the event, you can simply click on the event in the calendar and send a notification. Additionally, Pilera’s advanced segmentation options give you the ability to send event invites only to certain locations in your community or to certain user types.  For example, if Building 1 conducts monthly alarm tests, you can notify residents that live only in that building.   


Know your event invite was sent with confidence

Pilera tracks every communication that managers send out to a community in the Message Center.  Once you have sent out your event email invite, you can view a list of residents that the message has been sent to along with the delivery status.  Easily check whether a resident opened the email, responded to it, or if the email bounced.

Include virtual event links in the description

When you create an event in Pilera, it\’s important to add a description that lets your board members and residents know what the event is about.  If you are hosting virtual events through Meeting Software, add the registration link to the description through Pilera’s events module.  The robustness of Pilera\’s email notification system provides greater capabilities to notify your community than an email client would. That means if you want to send a virtual trivia night registration link to owners only, you can select that user type instead of sending it to the entire community. It is also easier for board members and residents to access the registration link in the portal.


Display your event calendar on the community website

Keeping your community engaged and informed leads to increased resident satisfaction.  One way to do this is by keeping your community website content fresh.  Many of Pilera’s features, like the event calendar, integrates with the community website.  This means that once you have added the event calendar module to a web page, all events you create in the portal will automatically be displayed on the website. Our clients love this feature because it saves them time, eliminating the need to update the calendar in two places.


Pilera\’s intuitive, built-in calendar keeps your community informed and your events organized, all the while saving your staff time. Custom calendars enable your community to dive into the type of events they\’re interested in, while the new recurring events feature is aimed to save time scheduling ongoing events. If you\’d like to learn more about the community calendar features, contact us at [email protected].

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