February is here, and although the cold tends to keep most residents indoors, they’re likely feeling the beginning of spring fever. And so should your homeowner’s association. Start creating your spring to-do list now so that when all the snow melts and the weather warms up, you’ll be able to get started on spring cleaning right away.

Parking Lot Resealing
If you had cracks in your parking lot before winter started, they’re likely bigger now. Water enters those cracks and then freezes, enlarging the cracks in the process. You can seal those cracks yourself, but hiring a company to put down a fresh layer of blacktop will solve the problem for a longer period of time.

Leaf Removal
You likely cleared your property of leaves in the fall, but some trees drop their leaves all winter long. If you have trees like this on your property, you’ll likely have some leaf clean-up to do. Look under and around outdoor equipment, in the corners of fences, and under bushes where leaves tend to accumulate and hide.

Power Washing
If you have a tennis court or pool on your property, you might notice an accumulation of dirt over the winter as leaves decay and leave their traces behind. Line up a power washing company now that can help you clear that dirt before people want to start using the pool and courts again.

Now for the fun part. Nothing brightens up a building and makes people excited for spring than flowers. Plant some annuals that love the cool weather and enjoy them every spring from now on.

If you already work with a property management company, simply send your to-do list to them or ask them for spring cleaning suggestions. If you don’t and find crossing things off your list a little daunting, consider hiring one for seasons to come.

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