Reduce Cooling Costs in the Summer

Temperatures are soaring and the A/C is cranking. Condo associations can reduce cooling costs in common areas with a few simple techniques. Read on and start saving!

Natural Cooling with Plants

Indoor temperatures rise when the sun beats down on roofs and walls. Keep indoor temperatures cooler by planting tall bushes around the property and trees in the line between the sun and the roof.

Solar Screens

Try putting solar screens on east- or west-facing windows. These mesh screens can block 70% of solar energy before it gets into the building. Window films can do the same thing, but they only work if windows are closed. If windows in common areas are frequently open, solar screens are a better choice.


Use automatic settings to lower air temperature during the day and raise it during the night. If offices or common areas are closed at night, there’s no need to cool them for the people who aren’t there.

Location, Location, Location

If there’s a basement section of a common area, consider making it a gathering place for residents. Instead of putting a pool table or a couch and TV on an upper level, locate these items on a naturally cooler basement level.

Keep cool this summer, but be smart about it to save money. Enjoy your summer!

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