Pilera Updates: June 2015

Dear Valued Pilera Customer:

As your complete property management solution, it’s our goal to offer solutions that make communication efforts with your residents faster and more efficient. We are very excited to share with you our recent enhancements.


Customize Pilera to match your company logo colors!

  • You can now re-brand Pilera with your company colors.  See samples below:
  • Available as part of Basic Plus and Premier packages



Common Area Work Orders:

  •  Managers and Residents can now log a Common Area Work Order in Pilera as well as check on the status.  Photos can also be attached.  Internal Management comments can be added.  Upon completion, you can also track who completed the job, labor hours and material cost.
  • Free enhancement for Basic Plus  and Premier packages.


Incident/Call Log Feature

  • Managers can now keep a log of any inbound communication they have with an occupant in one place.
  • Incidents and Calls can be logged at unit or occupant level.
  • Free enhancement for Premier package.


Automated Welcome E-mails

  • Welcome emails can now be sent to new occupants automatically during nightly syncs. This option needs to be turned on per community.

Advanced SMS Text Capabilities:

  • Management companies can now purchase their own dedicated SMS number through Pilera to use for their outgoing and incoming text messages to users.
  • Residents can now properly unsubscribe from receiving text messages by replying \”STOP\”. We will automatically alter the resident’s communication preference accordingly. Dedicated SMS number required.
    • Residents can re-subscribe automatically (after having replied STOP) by texting \”START\” to their SMS number. We will automatically re-enable their SMS communication preference. Dedicated SMS number required.
  • Residents can now sign up for SMS messages from Pilera for their community by texting their name, address, and community to their management company\’s dedicated SMS phone number. The text will automatically forward to the email of their client admin requesting Pilera subscription. Dedicated SMS number required.
  • A resident may now call a management company’s dedicated SMS phone number. The call will automatically connect to the management office for the user\’s community (NOTE: The call is automatically connected to the resident’s community management office phone number, versus a client level admin). Dedicated SMS number required.
  • If interested, please contact us for pricing of this new optional feature.

Attention Jenark Users!

  • With our new Jenark integration module, now Work Orders can be created from Pilera using the button available on the Work Order detail page.  You can also see Jenark work orders, rule violations and architecture change requests within Pilera.  And create Jenark work orders and architecture change requests within Pilera.
  • Jenark clients now have a \”compound\” account number shown for occupants if desired. This number takes the format of combining the Entity, the Unit and the Resident ID into one number. Such as 1254AS00001-02.
  • Jenark Entity ID and Account Numbers now are shown in the Unit detail tab.

Communication Enhancements to all packages:

  • We retry email addresses which previously incurred temporary failures. Previously, any e-mail failure was permanent. Examples of temporary failures: mail server timed out, mailbox full, etc.
  • We now record detailed e-mail status from the recipient\’s e-mail provider.  For example, if the recipient\’s e-mail server is not accepting new emails, etc.
  • Client managers now receive an e-mail notification when an occupant reports any Pilera e-mail as spam or unsubscribes.
  • E-mail status in message center now indicate when a user has clicked a link in an e-mail.
  • Managers and Occupants may now unblock/reset their email if it was previously blocked due to unsubscribe, delivery failures, etc.
  • Occupants are now automatically notified via email when they are resubscribed to Pilera communications (including if resubscribed by a manager). This now also automatically re subscribed to email communication preference.

Work Orders:

  •  When updating a Work Order, the option to notify the resident via email, or not, has been added.


Document Library:

  • For communities that are not apartments, tenants will not see the document library, nor receive any notifications about new added documents in the library.

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