Pilera Updates: June 2016

Dear Pilera Customer,

Just because you haven\’t heard from us in a while doesn\’t mean we haven\’t been working hard! This month we have a slew of updates ranging from all new features to some much needed enhancements to our already existing capabilities.

New Features!

Knowledge Base: Less questions more answers!


  • Put the answer to any question asked by a resident into the knowledge base for future residents to look up when they have similar questions.
  • 24/7 self help for residents and managers alike.
  • Powerful search capabilities gives the most relevant topics firsts.

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New Work Orders


  • Rebuilt unit-level work orders giving them categories, a timeline of actions taken, and a more solid interface built for speed and effective data management.
  • Work orders can now have photos attached.
  • Migrated all old work order information over to the new ticketing system.
  • Mobile work orders and violations now support notifying, or not, the resident.
  • Added ability to print common area work order tickets.

New Rule Violations

  • Rebuilt rule violations to include categories, more detailed information, and a timeline of actions taken. We also built a more solid interface designed for speed and effective data management.
  • Rule violations can now have photos attached.
  • Migrated all old rule violation information over to the new ticketing system.

Security Related Enhancements

  • Managers will now be able to see the last time a resident logged into Pilera.
  • Passwords will no longer be sent in emails, instead welcome emails will guide residents to choose their password.  This will cut back on support related to passwords, as residents will be able to set their own passwords from the beginning, instead of Pilera assigning one to them.
  • Passwords are now stored salted with 512 bit hash. This makes it much more difficult to breach. 
  • To prevent identity theft, welcome emails and password reset emails will have automated expiration dates.
  • To avoid user confusion and frustration, sending a subsequent welcome or password reset no longer invalidates previous reset emails.  This will also avoid someone maliciously trying to reset another user\’s password without consent.
  • User accounts now lockout after certain number of invalid password attempts.
  • User may now be logged in simultaneously from multiple locations or devices.
  • When setting passwords, helpful password hints now available: password peek, strength meter.


  • Spellcheck added for Send Announcement and Send Messages features.
  • Formatting HTML for announcements to be more consistent.
  • Improved phone call feature to handle special characters.

VMS Integration

  • Support for VMS 2-way: Residents now have the ability to update their own contact information (email and phone) directly to VMS from Pilera.

TOPS Integration

  • Added Paylease support for TOPS clients.
  • Can bring over ‘renters’ for TOPSConnect clients.


  • Automated reminder notification for outstanding invoices.
  • Improved report of people who never got a welcome message.
  • Improved emails formatting for automated reports.

Custom Branding

  • Password reset emails are now client custom branded.

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