Pilera Updates: January 2016

Dear Valued Pilera Customer:

Here is your release notes and updates for this month.


Resident registration is easier than ever!

  • Now when residents go to the Pilera registration page they can search for communities by the name and state. 


Keep residents and board members informed with new restrictions

  • For HOA communities: Documents can now be restricted to board members and managers allowing business documents to be distributed to those who need them.


Unit occupants can now add additional occupants, Keep even more of your community informed!

  • Occupants managing tenants/others: Occupants of a unit can now add additional people to that unit, people added this way receive announcements through Pilera but do not gain access to Pilera. Allow your community to stay more informed while reducing your overall workload! Available as part of the Premier Package.
    • Inform tenants of scheduled maintenance
    • Talk to a spouse about community events
    • Warn teenage children of emergencies within the community
    • Tell the caretaker about potential flooding


Admin reports give you a more complete picture of your business!

  • Admin Reports: Send reports to go to client admin email, giving you a whole new look at your business and how to improve it. Tracks the total informatoin among each individual community as well as among all communities. 
  • Rejected email reports: Create a report of all bad emails allowing you to fix them and improve your own communication with your community.
  • Automated credit report: Shows each communities communication credit balance and highlights those with negative balance.
  • Pilera usage reports: Know exactly how much each of your communities are using Pilera and if you should take measures to ensure they are using Pilera optimally.
  • Welcome message reports: Know which members of your community have and have not received a welcome message to Pilera. The more of your residents using Pilera the more efficiently you can work.

SMS Enhancements

  • Enhanced SMS messaging to improve appearance.

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