December 2016 – New Customer Support Troubleshooting, Community Calendar, and Improved Features!

Pilera December Release Notes

Dear Pilera Customer,

We are here to give you another round-up of our updates from the past few months. We have all new features, bug fixes, and usability updates to show off!

New Features!

Pretender lets you see through the eyes of your residents!

  • Improve your support for residents by being able to see what they see when they log into Pilera.


Check out the new Community Calendar!

  • Display your Community Calendar directly within Pilera.
  • Embed any calendar with an embed code.
  • Keep your owners up-to-date through one Portal.
  • The calendar can be shared with the community Pilera Easysite.


 Communication Credits

  • Now there is an option to purchase communication credits at the company level, instead of per community.
  • More bundle options for communications credits purchase.  Save money by buying a bigger bundle!!

New Help Center for Managers

  • Get instant access to help by clicking on the help button!
  • Managers can access articles on how to use Pilera.

Improved Features!

Two new auto-generated portfolio-level reports!

  • Work orders report: This report provides an insight into your service requests workload.  In one Excel spreadsheet see all of the currently open work orders across your portfolio, as well as any new ones which haven\’t been addressed in 48 hours or any pending work orders not touched in more than 30 days.  Always stay on top of your work order requests and improve resident satisfaction.
  • Lease expiration report: This report provides a list of upcoming leases about to expire within the next three months so that you can stay on top of your lease renewals.

Provide multiple payment options to your residents!

  • Use Pilera\’s single sign-on PayLease option for those in a rush, as well as linking to any other external provider or bank.  Now, you can allow your resident to choose what works best for them!


 UI Overhaul for Managers

  • Organized to be easier for new managers.
  • General clean-up of information tables, alignment, and formatting throughout the software.
  • When not applicable, the floor is no longer shown to the residents.
  • Easy access to the occupants\’ profile details by clicking on their names.
  • A more accurate count of the occupants in a community.


 Send Documents to ALL Units or Floors in a building

  • A bug was found where you could not send documents to all units or all floors in a building. It has been patched.

Enhance your outgoing emails with Tables and Formatting!

 Community Specific Knowledge base, Forms, and manager/board modules

  • The knowledge base, Forms, and the manager/board modules can be turned on or off at a community level.
  • Knowledge base articles can now be exported as an Excel file.
  • Fixed an error where tags with apostrophes were causing errors displaying an article.


  • Now Pilera will automatically rotate any photos taken from your mobile to show the correct orientation.
  • Closed unit-level work order tickets will now show on the resident\’s view. This will allow residents to know the status of their service request even on completed tickets.
  • Our tickets now default to open tickets opened within the last year as opposed to the last 3 months.

 Contact Us Form

  • The Complaint Type has been added to the Manager Contact form in Pilera.

Mobile App

  • Updated the Mobile app so that it can save your user name making repeated logins easier.

 C3 Updates

  • Users can now see their balance in Pilera.

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