Online Voting for HOA Board Members

Online Voting in an HOA Election

Voting for new board members to serve your homeowners’ association can be a complicated and sometimes tedious process.

Sometimes you know a potential candidate well. Sometimes you know virtually nothing about them, including why they believe they might be a good candidate. There can be voter bias, and even fraud.

As with so many things these days, technology has come to the rescue. It’s now possible to set up board member elections completely online.

The board can set up an account using a variety of sites that make online voting easy. Candidates can upload photos and bios of themselves, and can list qualifications and reasons they believe they are the best choice. Homeowners can study candidates and even submit questions for candidates to answer.

Once election day arrives, the homeowner needs only to click the candidate of their choice. The system guards against multiple votes or any other fraudulent behavior. The votes are automatically tabulated, and the results are emailed to everyone concerned.

The software involved – or the account that needs to be set up – does come with a cost, but when weighed against the ease and convenience of online voting, most HOAs find it well worth it.

So on election day, vote for the system that makes voting as simple as a click!

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