November 18, 2020: New visitor management and enhancement to portfolio announcements

Greetings everyone! This month, we\’re back with new updates to our property management software platform. In this release, you\’ll learn more about our new visitor management system feature. We\’ve also made enhancements to ticket comments, portfolio announcements, and more. Without further ado, let\’s get started!

New Feature

Visitor Management System

Did you miss our announcement about the new visitor management system in Pilera? The new visitor management system in Pilera helps front desk personnel, security, and managers keep their communities secure and bring peace of mind to residents and staff.  Through the new feature, employees in charge of tracking guests can search for a resident and view all the contacts, relation to the resident, and contact information at once.  Managers and security personnel can use this feature to call emergency contacts, for instance. Take a look at our blog article to learn more about the new visitor management system and how you can get it for your communities! 



1. Improved formatting for ticket comments

We’ve improved the formatting for ticket comments so you can better organize information.  As a result, you can now add new lines of information to your ticket.


2. Communities now in alphabetical order in portfolio email announcements

In the Portfolio announcement feature, we show your list of communities or properties in alphabetical order so you can select communities quicker and send messages.

3. Better clarification for managers who unsubscribed from emails

If a manager has unsubscribed from receiving email updates, we now show an exclamation mark icon to inform them.  Then, managers can go to their account and re-subscribe themselves to receive important email notifications about ticket updates, reports, and more.

Feature Fixes

1. Vendor search filter

In the work order ticket assignment, we’ve fixed the vendor search filter so managers can quickly search by category and assign a ticket to a vendor. 

2. Community event calendar dates

We’ve improved clarity in the events calendar feature when a user enters an end date that is before the start date.  Now, when a user does this, the app will display an error message so that the user can correct the dates and add an event to the calendar.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations. May we help your community achieve these success storiesContact us to see how Pilera’s community management suite can help your company.

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