New Resident Dashboard Benefits for Community Management

Increasing resident engagement is one of the most important functions in community management, yet one of the most challenging.  To empower our clients in bringing more engagement to their community and building relationships with new potential communities, we’ve released a new feature called the resident and board member dashboard.

What is the new resident and board member dashboard?

The dashboard provides residents and board members with a live snapshot of imporant things occurring in the community and within their unit.  Residents can get access to metrics such as their outstanding financial balance, the number of messages in the past month, open work orders, waiting packages, and more.  Board members gain additional information such as the number of tasks and architecture change requests. Learn more about the resident and board member dashboard in our January release.

Benefits of the resident and board member dashboard to community management:

Provide a more intuitive self-service area for residents

The resident and board member dashboard serves as a new home page when logging into the web portal.  With the resident dashboard, you can empower residents with important community and unit information they need, on the go.  The dashboard packs current information in one place, from open work orders to messages they received this month.


Maintain current resident contact information

Having the most current resident contact information helps managers ensure they can successfully reach out to residents and send them important information when needed.  The dashboard provides residents with instant access to their contact information and preferred communication method. If a resident’s text number or email address is invalid, they will be informed of that in the dashboard and they can correct it.

Access balance information quicker

With the new dashboard, residents can access their outstanding balance much quicker and in fewer clicks than before.  This makes it easier for them to submit their online payments on time and management can collect dues faster.

Keep board members informed

In addition to having instant access to their unit information, board members will also gain a high-level overview of the tasks and architecture change requests that are open for their community.  


Gain new association clients

When an association looks to employ a new management company, the distinction between the winning management company and alternatives is transparent operations and high visibility into community information.  The resident dashboard as a part of your community management portal can be an essential selling factor when pitching to new association clients. Board members and residents alike will be kept informed of live information pertaining to their community and home with payment balances, open work orders, and the latest communications all in one place.

With a live snapshot of their community and unit in one place, residents will be more informed and satisfied.  Managers can start to see more resident engagement and reduced calls to the office as residents have a more intuitive self-service area. 

About Pilera

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