September 26th Release Notes – New Language Translations & Ticket Permissions

September 2018 Release Notes

Greetings everyone,

We are back with an update on what is new in Pilera’s community and property management software this month.  We’ve released a few new enhancements in tickets, work orders, and communications. These new updates will give you better control on the visibility of your tickets and provide residents with more options for language translation.  


  • Advanced Ticket Permissions for Occupants
    • Within the tickets in Pilera, managers now have the option to control ticket visibility and editability for occupants/residents.  The ticket types include the unit-area work orders, common-area work orders, and insurance tickets.
    • The visibility and editability options we’ve implemented are as follows:
      • Hide – The ticket is not viewable to occupants.
      • View – The ticket can be viewed by relevant occupants in the resident portal.
      • Comment – This would allow occupants in the unit to add comments to the ticket.
      • Edit & Comment – This would give occupants full access to modify the ticket.  Note: It’s important to be cautious about giving full edit capabilities to residents.  Make sure that you are okay with residents being able to modify the ticket and that you are aware of exactly who can edit it with the permission.  Be sure to review each individual ticket permissions to learn who can perform what actions.
        Occupant Permissions
    • We also have some tickets that do not have the infrastructure in place yet such as activity logs (unit and occupant) and rule violations.  However, in the future, we plan on opening them to residents too. You can begin setting the permissions now but they will not go into effect until a later release; therefore, we highly recommend exercising caution in setting those permissions.
  • Work Orders
    • For improved clarity and usability, we’ve added help tips for the Notify Contact Via Email selector in the work order ticket based on the option a manager chooses in the Comment Visibility selector.
      • If managers set Comment Visibility to “Managers & Residents See”, the option to Notify Contact Via Email will be enabled/permitted.
        Notify options for when "Managers and Residents" are selected.
      • For example, if managers set Comment Visibility to “Managers Only See”, the Notify Contact via Email will be greyed out by default and will display accompanying text.
        Notify options when "Managers see only" is selected.
  • Vendor Management
    • The vendor name now displays in the Work Order Ticket Print Sheet.
  • New Document Library
    • The file details in the new document library now displays the file type and size for all users.  
    • We have improved the message in the new document library when a file exceeds the 20MB limit or if an unsupported file type has been added, for better clarity.
  • Communications
    • In the Send Document functionality, we’ve expanded the list of file types that can be sent through email: doc, docx, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.
    • We now support the translation of text messages and emails in 13 new languages in our communications platform, totaling 103 languages!
      New Languages 

      • Armenian
      • Amharic
      • Frisian
      • Xhosa
      • Hawaiian
      • Kyrgyz
      • Luxembourgish
      • Nyanja (Chichewa)
      • Pashto
      • Samoan
      • Scots Gaelic
      • Shona
      • Sindhi
  • Integration Updates
    • Caliber
      • Pilera now integrates with CalPay for our Caliber clients.  CalPay is a new method for residents to make their dues payment.  Upon clicking the “Make a Payment” button in Pilera, a new tab will open directing the resident to CalPay.  If you are using Caliber for your accounting system and would like to enable this feature, please contact us at [email protected].
      • We now import another user type called “other-occupants” from Caliber, whereas previously we only imported owners and tenants.
  • Resident Portal
    • Terms of Use
      • We have updated our terms of use and privacy policy.  Users will now be required to accept the terms as they are logging in.  By accepting the terms of use, users accept all policies as stated in the agreement.
  • Miscellaneous 
    • We’ve also improved user permissions performance which will help with our future planned functionalities and provide greater flexibility in permission settings for our clients.

About Pilera:

Pilera Software is a premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers, board members, and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, streamline maintenance, and increase resident satisfaction.  May we help your community achieve these success stories? Schedule a demo today to see our software live in action or request a quote!

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