October 2018 Release Notes – Work Order and Document Library Enhancements

October 2018 Release Notes

Greetings everyone,

This month, we have a few enhancements to our community and property management software to share with you.  These updates are enhancements to work orders, the occupant ticket permissions that we released last month, and the new document library.


  • Work orders 
    • The work order ticket details now display a vendor tooltip for quick access to information about the vendor assigned to the ticket.  Managers can also click “View in Vendor App” to be redirected to the vendor’s record to edit or view more information.
    • Formatting in the Unit Work Order PDF print sheet has been improved.
  • Tickets
    • In the ticket emails that managers receive upon the creation of a work order or unit activity log, the assignee name and the occupant permission fields will be displayed.  In September 2018, we released a new feature within our ticketing system that gives managers more control over resident access to viewing, editing, or commenting at a ticket-level.
    • Each detailed ticket report (insurance, unit and common area work orders, unit and occupant activity logs, and rule violations) now includes the occupant ticket permissions that were set.  Sample of an insurance report:
    • When creating a new ticket, the app provides a more clear error message if a user’s email address is invalid or if the user does not have “email address” selected as their communication preference.
  • New Document Library
    • Minor changes have been made to the new document library’s file uploading and downloading for better usability.  When adding a new file to the document library, the display name will be the exact same as the file name given prior to uploading.  Managers can then change the name of the file if they wish. Similarly, when downloading a file from the document library, the download name is exactly the same as the file name and does not include a unique identifier string at the end. An example of before and after:
      • Before: meetingminutes_9489jdksa0933k.pdf
      • Now: Meetingminutes.pdf
    • Previously, we would scale down images. Now, they are uploaded as the original file.

About Pilera:

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