October 2017 Release Notes – Major Work Order enhancements!

October 2017 Release Notes


We’re excited to share our new updates and improvements to the work orders, the newly released vendor app, and more!  

  1. Work Order Management

    • Work order notification and assignment e-mails include a link to generate PDF work orders.  What\’s the best part of it, you ask? Let\’s say you received a work order email five days ago, but only had the opportunity to take a look at it today.  The PDF generated is a live report, meaning that it has the most current information as of today, not five days ago.
    • Work order printouts now include manager and vendor contact information.
    • A visibility toggle has been implemented to show only comments in the ticket view.  Managers and staff can now easily switch the view between all \”comments\” and all \”updates\”.
    • Managers and staff can now add detailed instructions to job details when creating a ticket.
    • Physical location of a work order ticket are now pulled from the accounting software and can be updated if incorrect.
    • Company-level contact information field is now added to a work order.
    • Visual improvements have been made to the work order history section and the work order emails for better navigation and readability.
  2. Vendor Management 

    • Automated emails to vendors now include a link to generate work order PDF reports.
    • Visual improvements have been made to the user interface to enhance user navigation and app performance.
    • Managers can now delete any unnecessary vendor sets that were previously added.
  3. Resident Portal

    • When a resident updates their email address, Pilera now checks against a greater number of unique domains to verify the email address is correct.
  4. Community Info

    • Managers can now update office hours to multiple communities at once to save work and time.

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