November 2017: Work Orders, Vendors & Document Updates!

November Release Notes 2017

Greetings everyone!

We\’re excited to share some of our new enhancements and feature updates to our community management software for this month.  This includes enhancements to work order, vendor management, accounting integrations, document library, and more.

Work Orders

  • Added two new fields \”Instructions\” and \”Location\” to the Common Area Work Orders enabling managers and staff to provide more details to the maintenance request ticket.

Vendor Management

  • Added the capability to print out a new Vendor Excel report, providing:
    • A list of all vendors and their contact information within Pilera.
    • A list of vendors whose certificates of insurance (COI\’s) are expiring soon with the dates.
  • These reports can be run within Pilera on-demand and you can also receive automated reports monthly.


  • In the Send Announcement page, upon making an emergency force call, a message pop-up is now shown to the sender stating their phone calls will begin with \”This is an emergency call from [Community Name]\”.
  • Support for dynamic placement of resident first name in the e-mail and text is now enabled.

Accounting Integration

  • TOPS Connect/Pro
    • Flex fields are now enabled with read and write capabilities.
  • VMS
    • Ability to import non-owner VMS residents now optional.
    • At-attorney (‘lein’) now supported in Pilera financials info.

Document Library

  • Added the ability to add new categories to multiple communities at a time.  This will allow managers and staff members to manage document library categories across the portfolio.

Pilera Resources

  • A new area to find electronic forms about your Pilera Account, and resources for managers. The Pilera Resources can be found under the Settings options.  Here are the forms you will find:
    • Add a community
    • Community removal
    • Add a community website
    • Order communication credits

Misc. Updates

  • On emails that staff/managers will receive, the terminology has been changed from \”event logs\” to \”activity logs\”.
  • Visual improvements such as spacing and text made to the work order ticket creation and work order ticket view.
  • Other minor UI changes.


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