May 2018 Release Notes – New Community Insurance Report

May 2018 Release Notes from Pilera

Hello everyone,

We’re back again to share some new updates to our community management software.  We strive to improve upon our existing functionalities to make community management easier for our clients. This month, we’re excited to share our new features and enhancements which include a new report for insurance tracking, work order updates, integration updates with one of our partners Caliber and Jenark, and more.

New Feature:

Community Insurance Report:

The Insurance Report is a new on-demand report providing occupant insurance details within the community.  Navigate to the Reports tab and click on Insurance Report for easy access or click on an occupant\’s individual insurance tab and click “Community Insurance Reporting”.  This report can be sent to multiple email addresses and is downloadable in a Microsoft Excel format.  Details in the report include:

  • Occupant contact information
  • Insurance type
  • Description
  • Policy information including type; number; and agent name, email, and phone number.
  • Insurance expiration dates – due dates that have passed or are expiring in the next 90 days are highlighted.
  • Created and updated dates
  • Created and updated by personnel

A snapshot of the Community Insurance Report in Pilera.

A snapshot of the Community Insurance Report in Pilera


  1. Activity Logs
    • The activity log emails sent to the assignee displays more detail about the type of activity log.  If the activity log pertains to an occupant, the email displays the contact name. For activity logs pertaining to a unit, the email displays the unit address information.
    • The quick add ticket functionality now includes the occupant’s name in the header of the dialog box for enhanced context.
      New update to the quick add ticket functionality in Pilera.
    • We’ve changed the title of these logs from call log to activity logs in the report emails for better clarity.
  2. Work Orders
    • Community Meeting Reports (PDF) displays the name of the individual who submitted the comments.
    • We’ve added the capability for managers to toggle between manager only and resident-visible comments for multi-page PDF of ticket sheets.
      The multi-page PDF printouts for work orders in Pilera.
  3. Vendor Management
    • The vendor export report now includes the fax number.
  4. Communications
    • The communication credits depletion message in the Send Announcements page has been improved for better clarity.  Email messages can be sent for free, while text messages and phone calls would require the purchase of communication credits.  This message will also help to better understand how communication credits can be purchased.
  5. Resident Portal
    • We’ve made some changes to the user interface on the Contact page of the resident web portal for easy readability.

Integration Updates

  1. Caliber: 
    • Through our integration with Caliber, we now provide multi-transactional account support in the web portal.  Managers can toggle between each of their resident\’s individual transactional accounts to view transaction history and the total balance due on all accounts.  On the resident portal, owners will be able to view their transaction history for each of their accounts and see the total balance of all accounts.  Furthermore, owners can now toggle between each of their transactional accounts in Paylease, if they are setup with Paylease.
  2. Jenark:
    • Managers can toggle between both open and closed work orders that populate from Jenark into Pilera.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is a premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers, board members, and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations.  May we help your community achieve these success storiesContact us today for any questions about our software or these new updates or request a quote!

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