August 2017 Release Notes – Brand New Vendor Management!

August 2017 Pilera Update

Greetings Pilera Customers,

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer and ready for the upcoming fall season!  We have some exciting updates to share with you on our new features, enhancements to existing features, and more.  Take a look!

New Features

  • Vendor Management
    A new feature in Pilera that allows managers to organize and track all vendor information in one simple platform.

    • Manage all vendor information by categories and assign to any community(ies).
    • Track vital information, such as certificate expiration dates, etc.
    • Link multiple vendors to a community or link multiple communities to a vendor.
    • Create templates of commonly used vendors to easily link them to a community.
    • Rate each vendor based on a five-star rating scale.
    • Filter and search vendor by category or text.
    • Assign Pilera work order tickets to an outside vendor with automated notification.
    • View all open or closed work order tickets to an assigned vendor at the association or portfolio level.
  • Online Payments
    • “At-Attorney” introduced for TOPS clients: If a resident is “at-attorney”, they will not have access to their balance and ledger.


  • Login
    • Upon user login failure, a \”reset password\” link now displays.  Making it easier for residents to request new password.
  • C3 Integration
    • A Mailing Labels report has been created for all primary owners in a community.
  • TOPS Integration
    • TOPS clients can now show CC&Rs, Work Orders and Service Requests from TOPS to residents on Pilera. This feature is enabled upon client request.
    • TOPS Ledger now shows more detail.
  • Manager Email Notifications
    • Email notifications to managers upon change in resident information now shows previous values before the last update.

Other Fixes

  • Communications
    • In the Message Center, the “Save Draft” function now saves messages to the text/sms field as intended.
  • Automated Reports
    • The Financial Ledger Report now includes a detailed description.
  • Vendor Management
    • “Save” Vendor set now saves as intended.
    • Vendors can now be added to vendor sets.
  • Work Orders
    • An error in which the description of the new work order ticket is not being transferred to other areas such as a PDF report has now been fixed and functions as intended.

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