September 17, 2019 Release Notes: New Task Management

September 17, 2019 release notes

We\’re back this month with 2 big new features and several enhancements that we\’re thrilled to share with you!  First up is our new Board & Task Management feature, which will help boards and managers collaborate on responsibilities to build better communities.  Next, we have new roles that will give managers more granularity in the roles they assign to staff members.  Without further ado, let\’s start!

New Features

1. Board & Task Management

Board members and staff can now work together on tasks better than ever with our new Board Task Management functionality.    Here\’s what the new feature offers:

  • We’ve implemented a new dedicated role for the new functionality called the Task Admin.  Company Admins and Community Managers can assign Community Admins the Task Admin role to allow them the ability to create, assign, and track tasks.  
  • Create custom categories and subcategories for different task items.
  • Board members can assign tasks or \”action items\” to other board members or managers during or after board meetings.
  • Managers and staff can create and assign tasks to other co-workers.  They can also set board member permissions for each ticket: hide, view, comment or edit & comment.
  • Board members and managers can collaborate on each task.  All comments and status updates are tracked within the ticket, providing a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Dashboards provide company executives, managers, and board members with the high-level or granular insights based on their business needs.  They can filter on a variety of criteria such as community (available only to company admins, community managers, and task admins), category, subcategory, the manager or board member a task is assigned to, and date range.
  • Generate custom reports to take on the go or share at a board meeting.

This functionality is a new product and there is an additional cost to purchase it.  For more information on how you can purchase this new product, please contact [email protected].

2. New Roles, Better Granularity

In this release, we’ve added 4 new community-specific roles to give managers and board members more granular permissions.  As a friendly reminder, as we add new roles, the Community Admin role will have even more restricted permissions. These new roles will help you to better customize permissions that align with your staff and board members’ duties.

  • Message Admin – The new Message Admin Role gives staff the capability to only send messages to the communities they are given the permission for.  Any current Community Admin will be grandfathered into the Message Admin role automatically so they can continue sending communications.
  • Monitoring Roles for Communications – When a manager is given the Announcement Monitor, Send Message Monitor, and/or Send Document Monitor role(s), they will receive all emails sent through those email types for the community.  This new role provides visibility to managers/board members of specific emails that are being sent out.  Assigning these roles will also help reduce spam to every manager in a community because they could instead give the select people the monitor role nad exclude managers from the regular messages.


  1. Activity Logs – We\’ve added a notify managers radio button in the Activity Log so that when a manager updates a comment or status, all managers can be notified.
  2. Ticket Deep Links – All tickets (work orders, activity logs, rule violations, and task management) now include a unique URL that managers or board members can use to send an email with the ticket link in it.  It’s important to note that in order for a resident to view the ticket, they must be in the community, have view access to the ticket, and be logged in to view the ticket.
  3. Message Center – Managers can now filter by year to view the message archive.
  4. Send Message – Managers can now send a message directly in the Occupants listing page under the more actions button (denoted as the three dots).
  5. Automatic Welcome Messages – The portal now displays if the community has automatic welcome messages turned off or on.  If it is turned off and you want this capability turned on for your community(ies), please contact [email protected].  
  6. Welcome Message Dashboard – We\’ve increased the speed of the welcome message dashboard page to improve performance and user experience.
  7. Dialing – Areas of the app have been improved for mobile to allow for dialing of resident phone numbers.
  8. Resident Login – We’ve updated the verbiage on the login page to assist residents with their login.

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