October 8, 2019 Release Notes: Communications, Resident Portal & Task Management Updates

October 8, 2019 Release Notes


Last month, we released a new product called Board Task Management where board members and managers can assign tasks to each other, set follow-up dates for when tasks need to be completed, and gain insights on work being done through powerful reports and dashboards.  We are offering a free trial of Task Management for a full month.  If interested, please contact [email protected].  


This month, we\’re back with a few enhancements to communications, resident login, and task management.

  • In the Occupant listing page, managers can now search residents by their account number.  To start a search, navigate to the Occupant listing page and enter in the partial or full account number.  You can also use the shortcode “a:” and then enter in the partial number subsequently to find the resident account.
  • When a welcome email is generated by Pilera and the resident creates a username and password, they will be directed to the management company login page.
  • We’ve added a warning message to inform managers on the Send Message or Announcement screen if they are sending a text message to a resident who does not have a text number or their communication preferences set in the system.
  • In the new task management product, we’ve removed the option to assign a ticket to a board member if the community is configured as an Apartment community in the Pilera system.

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