March 10, 2020 Release Notes – Get Communication+ Directly from within the App!

Pilera release notes

Greetings everyone,

This month, we are back with more updates on our Communication+ product for management companies and a very cool enhancement to improve your document library management experience.  

New Feature:

  1. Get Communication+ directly from the app
    In December 2019, we released a new product called Communication+ to help managers connect with their residents in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.  Through Communication+, managers can send automated phone calls and text messages to residents for only $2/unit/year.  In the communication section of the app (Send Announcement/Send Message), managers will see if they are at 0 credits and not on a plan. Management companies can purchase the Communication + plan for as little as $75/month for the entire portfolio.  Here’s how you can take community outreach to the next level with Communication +:

    • Reach out to residents who don’t have an email address on file with automated text messages or phone calls.
    • Allow residents to select their communication preferences. 
    • Send relevant messages to residents by location or user type segmentation.   
    • Reliably send out emergency phone calls to the entire community or a segment in an instant through our Reverse 911 functionality. 


  1. We have streamlined the folder creation process in the document library.  Now, when creating a folder, you can adjust the permissions, sort order, and description immediately in the same user interface.  This new enhancement will help managers save time in managing folders in the document library.

  2. The opt-out notification previously stated “notifications for your community”; thus, when selecting “Yes”, managers/residents were not sure if they were opting out.  For better clarity, we now include in the message directly “Opt-out of notifications”. That way, they know that by selecting “Yes”, they are opting out.

About Pilera

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