June 4, 2019 Release Notes – New Enhancements for Communications, Website & Document Library


We hope that you are enjoying using Pilera more seamlessly on any device, after our mobile-responsive web portals released last month!  This month, we’re back with another update where we have implemented some small, yet useful enhancements to the document library and community website.  The document library updates will give you more control over the visibility of your folders and files, whereas the community websites update will now allow you to switch templates based on your liking.


1) New Document Library

  • Managers can now set an expiration date for files and folders.  Once the expiration date has passed, the file/folder is automatically removed from the resident portal and any email you send with the document. However, the file/folder will still remain in the document management administration area for manager reference/retrieval purposes.
  • Managers can publish folders and files in advance.  A new field called Published Date has been added to folders and files.
  • Managers can now add descriptions to a folder.  This description will display in the admin area and in the resident portal.

2) Communications

  • We are no longer notifying managers when a resident changes their preference from phone calls to text messages during a phone call.  This was causing confusion among our managers who thought that residents were opting out completely.
  • The resident portal video link has been updated in custom welcome messages to reflect the newer tutorial video created.
  • In the welcome message, we’ve removed the mention of Pilera.  “Welcome to Pilera’s Community Management Software” has been replaced with “Welcome to Your New Community Web Portal”.
  • Usability improvement for scheduling messages – Managers were having difficulty switching from future date to the present date in the date picker.  It is now easier to change the scheduled date and timing. We also display a notice if your message is going to be sent out within an hour.

3) Community Websites

  • Managers and community website admins can now convert their community websites to the new responsive templates.
  • When selecting documents to show in the community websites, managers or community website admins can now select a specific category/folder to display on a specific page.  For example, your document library may consist of folders called Financials, Newsletters, Emergency Preparation, and others. You want to create a web page to display the newsletters only and that can now be done.
  • Previously, the welcome message “Get Started” page in the community websites was previously difficult to access on a Safari browser; however, we have implemented a fix to improve the experience for users.

4) Occupant Listing

  • The user experience of the search function has been improved for better organization and readability.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management software solution that has helped thousands of community and property managers as well as back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and streamline operations.  May we help your community achieve these success stories?  Book a demo to see how Pilera’s community and property management suite can help your company today.

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