January 15, 2020 Release Notes: New Resident & Board Dashboards


We have two new exciting updates as we\’ve entered in the new year and decade.  These two new features are designed to enhance the resident experience in their community portal.  Read on to learn more about these updates and some enhancements and fixes to Pilera\’s community management platform this month.

New Features

Resident Dashboard

The resident dashboard provides residents and board members with a current snapshot of what is occurring in the community as well as with their unit in one place.  Each time the resident or board member logs into the portal, they will be greeted by the resident dashboard.

Information residents will see include:

  • Contact information such as phone number for calls and text messages, and their email address. If their contact information is not listed in the portal, they can choose to add it easily. This section shows an indicator of which contact method is preferred versus which is not. Residents will also be alerted in the app if their email or text number is invalid.
  • A quick link to the resident’s profile.
  • The current open balance, a link to make a payment, and a link to view the balance and ledger.
  • The number of open work orders.
  • The number of common area work orders.
  • The number of new messages in the past month.
  • The number of packages waiting to be picked up.
  • The number of open architecture change requests in the past month.
  • Office Hours – View today’s office hours, a link to view all office hours, and a link to contact management.\"Resident

Board members also gain access to additional information in their dashboard:

  • The number of open tasks in the community.
  • The number of open architecture change requests in the community.\"Board

Event Calendar in Easysites Community Website

Managers can add the new event calendar directly into the Easysite, Pilera’s community website platform.  Furthermore, they can manage all event details such as editing the event or sending notifications from the website and it will be synced back to the portal.  Residents visiting the community website can log in and view the events.   



  1. In the December 2019 update, we released the Ticket Analytics Report.  In this month’s release, we have made some improvements to the speed. Reports that previously took a few hours to be built are now done in a few seconds.
  2. Managers can now enter in one or many custom email addresses to the Master Report and Ticket Analytics Report to send the report to individuals as opposed
    to just the predetermined group of users.


  3. We’ve improved the speed of receiving emails when creating or updating tickets.
  4. Previously, managers needed to add a comment when reassigning a ticket to another manager.  Now, they can reassign the ticket without adding a comment. Additionally, the new assignee will receive an email notification on their new ticket and the previous assignee will receive an email notification informing them they are no longer assigned to the ticket.
  5. The start and end date now include not just tickets created in that date range, but also those last modified in the date range, closed in the date range, or scheduled (targeted) t to be completed on that date range.
  6. The knowledgebase articles have now been set to alphabetize before the user conducts a search.

About Pilera

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