April 9, 2019 Release Notes – Account Filtering


In the newest release, we focus on a new feature that will enhance the organization of resident accounts and enhancements to our maintenance product.  

New Feature

Account Filtering

We’ve just introduced a big change in resident accounts in Pilera that will allow us to improve the organization and privacy between previous and future owners of the same unit.  Account filtering displays data such as unit-level work orders, unit-level activity logs, and rule violations based on an owner’s account. Each owner’s account will have a new account number attached to it.  Account filtering also applies to our standalone clients, who will find a new account number assigned to each resident account. For more information on account filtering or to view our latest webinar about it, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Resident account filtering


1) Maintenance

  • We’ve now added four new categories to the vendor app: “Legal/Attorney”, “Escrow”, “On-Call/Emergency”, and “Towing”.
  • When managers create a unit-level ticket, they can choose any of the four new options above as the category.  Furthermore, managers can also assign the relevant vendor from these new categories to the ticket. Within the ticket creation area, managers can either type in the vendor name or type in the category to view a list of all the vendors in that category before assigning the ticket to the vendor.
    New categories for unit level work order tickets

2) User Administrative Roles

  • Our client’s success is very important to us and so we always try to improve our help center content for them.  We recently revamped the User Roles Administration article to provide our clients with a simpler way to understand how roles work and how it can be applied to staff within the organization or community.  To access this article, simply navigate to User Administration Roles in the Settings and you will find a question mark symbol that represents a direct link to the article in our help center.
    Learn more about roles management in Pilera.

About Pilera

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