New Allocation of Ownership Tracking for Voting

Allocation of ownership tracking for voting

In this release, we’ve rolled out some exciting new features to simplify voting and communications!  

1) Track allocation of ownership for voting

Condo associations often need to keep track of the allocation of ownership to distribute common area maintenance costs fairly, calculate assessment fees, and identify voting rights.  This month’s release introduces a new way to track the allocation of ownership, called unit weights in Pilera.  

You can now add the unit weight as a percentage in Pilera so you can automatically calculate voting rights on your election forms.  This saves you time and ensures accuracy in determining each owner\’s influence in the association.

Additionally, you can run on-demand unit reports with the unit weight information for offline use.


2) Export message recipients

You can now download a report of the recipients you sent an announcement or message.  This is a great report to send to your supervisor or clients, as it shows the status of text, phone, and email delivery in a professional PDF report. In the Message Center, go to the specific message you want to download this report for, click on details, and then export PDF.


3) Attach DWG/AutoCad file types in a ticket

Pilera now supports uploading a DWG file type into a Request For Proposal, Architectural Change Request, or Work Order.  Managers and board members can upload DWG files from their CAD (computer-aided design) programs to RFPs.  Residents and managers can upload DWG files to ACRs and work orders.

4) Get $250 by referring a community to Pilera

Do you know of a community or management company that could benefit from Pilera?  You can get up to $250 by referring a business to Pilera.  

Access the referral program link directly in your dashboard and start earning today! 

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