New Message Export + Roundup of Top Communication Features!

Message Export Report

Greetings and happy holidays from the Pilera team! Our latest release notes cover a new feature that our clients have been asking for, the Message Export Report.  And, as 2022 comes to a close, we’ve included a roundup of the top Communication features we introduced in the past year!  

Message Export Report

You asked, and we listened!  We are excited to share that we’ve just released a new Message Export Report, a feature that has been popularly requested by our clients!  The report enables you to keep a permanent archive of your community’s messages for offline use.  

The Message Export Report gives you information on:

  • Every message your community sent out, including announcements, individual messages, and notifications for work orders, events, architectural change requests, violations, support, and more.  
  • When the message was sent out and by whom.
  • The subject and content of the message.  
  • The number of recipients.
  • Distribution groups the message was sent to, if applicable.  
  • User types that you sent the message to, such as owners, tenants, board members, on-site managers, and managers.  

The reports can be generated up to one year back and you can include up to 3 months in the date range.  


Best New Communication Features Roundup

As a leader in property management communications, we always strive to continue innovating our platform to serve our clients better. Read on to learn about the top communication features we\’ve introduced in the past year!

1. New PDF Letter Generation for Postal Mail

In addition to phone, email, and text messaging capabilities within Pilera, you can also generate batch PDF letters for postal mailing!  Here’s how this new feature will take your communications to the next level:

  • Improve outreach by reaching residents who do not have digital means of communication.
  • Improve your company or community’s brand recognition with the ability to add your logo to the letters. 
  • Customize your recipients with Pilera’s advanced segmentation options.  Generate letters for specific user types, locations, and distribution groups. 

Read more about PDF letter generation in our release notes!

2. Resident Discussion Board

Your residents are already talking about the community on social media or neighborhood apps.  Why not give your residents a dedicated place inside your resident portal to communicate with each other?  Pilera’s new Discussion Board enables you to facilitate resident conversations while being the first to hear about community issues.  Residents can communicate with each other and exchange ideas.  The moderation capabilities in Pilera also help you to address issues before they get out of control.  Read about the Discussion Board in our release notes!

3. Track resident email replies in one place

You can now view a history of all email replies from your residents in Pilera through the Message Center. This new feature gives you a single source of truth so you always know who said what.  Furthermore, you no longer have to lose time searching your email for a resident’s response.   Learn more about email replies here!

4. View the latest messages in the upgraded dashboard

Earlier this month, we upgraded the dashboard to give our clients a more streamlined experience in viewing their community tasks and information.  Managers, board members, and residents can now view a list of the latest community announcements.  Read more about the new look and feel of the dashboard here!

Coming Soon in 2023 – Postal Mailing Integration

We hope that you enjoyed learning about these new features. Our team always looks forward to bringing new features and improvements to our clients. In early 2023, we will be introducing a new Postal Mailing Integration with Everview (OSG and South Data). Keep watching this space to learn more in the coming months!

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