May 11, 2021: Website Rich Text Editor & Resident Directory Export

In this month\’s release, we\’ve rolled out a new feature to empower you to make a greater impact with your enterprise and community websites through your content. We\’ve also released some enhancements to improve the user experience for managers and residents alike, like the resident directory export!

New Feature

Rich text editor for Enterprise and Community Websites

Last month, we released a new rich text editor to send emails through the Send Announcement and Send Message feature and we received positive feedback from our clients.  We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now rolling out the rich text editor to the Enterprise and Community Websites too.  The new rich text editor offers a more modern, easier-to-use interface for creating and modifying content on your website.  The new rich text editor also works more seamlessly on modern browsers.    



Run Master XLS Reports greater than a year

You can now run Master Reports for tickets created more than a year ago.  When adding a start date, the end date will automatically default to one year.  We also improved the usability of the report so that you can run older reports with ease.


Resident directory export capability

Owners, tenants, and other occupants can now copy and export the resident directory from the portal into Microsoft Excel.


Mobile user interface improvements

We’ve improved the user experience when scrolling through the portal menu on a mobile device so that it is easier to scroll through and view all navigation items. 

About Pilera

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