March 15, 2022 Release Notes: Ticket Enhancements

Release notes: remove file attachments and rich text editor in tickets.

Greetings! This month, we\’re bringing some imporant ticket enhancements to our clients!


1) Remove Attachments in Tickets

You can now remove attachments from any work order, activity log, architectural change request, support, rule violations, or task management ticket.  This is helpful in scenarios when an incorrect file may have been added or if the contents within the file are outdated.

Additionally, the events section keeps track of file attachments that have been removed from each ticket for better accountability.  It will display information such as the file name, date and time of removal, and by whom.  You also have the option to view the file attachment that was removed in the events section.

Important: Please note that any attachments added before the 3/15/2022 release are not removable from the ticket.


2) Rich Text Editor now available in Ticket Templates

We’ve now added the Rich Text Editor to the Email footer, Work Order Email Message, and Ticket Alert Templates so you can better customize the look and feel of important community information.

The rich text editor is available for all of the Ticket Alert Templates: 

  • Activity Logs
  • Architectural Change Requests
  • Rule Violations
  • Support
  • Work Orders
  • Task Management

Here are some ways you can customize templates:

  • Add custom HTML code so you can create a unique-looking message.
  • Insert files, images, and links.
  • Format your information in tables. 
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists to provide instructions.
  • Format your content with headings, fonts, text alignment, and more. 

3) Improved Ticket Performance

We’ve improved the performance of all of the tickets to make it easier for our clients to work through their tasks.

4) Residents to no longer have access to the events section in tickets

As of this release, residents will no longer have access to the events section of a work order, architectural change request, support, rule violation, or activity log ticket. They will only have access to the comments that managers have shared with them. We made this change to improve the security of ticket events as we continue to add more manager-only functionality for our clients.

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