Make Your Listing Stand Out from the Crowd

Apartment buildings - how to make your rental listing stand out

When people begin searching for an apartment to rent, they know exactly where to go to look. And landlords know exactly where to go to post. So if everyone’s posting their available properties in the same place, how do you make sure yours gets seen by the right tenant? There are a few tricks that will help you do just that.

When faced with a large list of properties to consider, most prospective renters have to narrow them down in some way, and the way they’re most likely to do that is by lack of information. Including pictures of your property is a must. Some renters won’t even look at your ad if they’re not included.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is with a compelling headline. The words “Apartment for rent” tell a prospective renter nothing. Instead, include in your headline the things that make your property shine. And be honest!

Include the square footage of the apartment, the amenities available, its location, and the date the apartment is available. Include pricing information like rent and security deposit, and set expectations about utility bills if applicable. If you have rules about pets or a background check, be sure to say so.

Some property owners feel that luring tenants in to see the property and saving these conversations later is the way to go, but in the end, this method can waste everyone’s time. Be up front and descriptive in your ad, and you’ll find the perfect tenant in no time.

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