June 29, 2021 Release: Send Emergency Texts & New Unit Report

In our newest release, you\’ll learn about several new quality of life communication enhancements to help you improve message accuracy.

New Features

Send emergency messages via Text/SMS

The Reverse 911 feature in Pilera enables managers to send emergency messages to their residents with contact methods automatically defaulting to phone calls and emails.  Now, managers can send emergency messages to their residents through text/SMS. 

View assigned tasks and ACRs in the Board Member Dashboard

Board members can now view how many tasks and architectural change requests are assigned to them in the dashboard in real-time.


New unit report

A new report in Pilera enables managers to view a list of all the units in their community.  At the bottom of the report, managers can also view the total number of units. You can download this report as a Microsoft Excel file or copy and paste it into your preferred data-keeping system.


Communication enhancements

Contact Method Enhancements

A feature that our clients find most helpful in the Occupants listing page is the real-time statuses of each resident’s communication preference.  In this month’s release, we’ve made a number of quality of life enhancements to help you send messages more accurately.

1) Improved visual indicators for contact method issues

In the occupants listing page, Pilera uses visual indicators to help managers quickly scan through and identify resident contact method issues.  We’ve improved the visual indicators to make it easier to identify which contact issues are permanent, non-permanent, and where residents have unsubscribed based on whether the contact method is preferred or not. 


2) More context on contact method issues

On the Occupants listing page, a tooltip will launch showing more context about a contact method issue when mousing over it.  The tooltip will state whether the contact method is preferred or not, the status, whether it can be used for normal messaging, and whether it can be used while sending an emergency announcement.

3) Improved workflow to re-subscribe to text

It is now easier than ever for your residents to re-subscribe to text messages.  In the portal, residents will find instructions on how to re-subscribe so they can receive communications again. It will prompt them to text “START” to a designated phone number.

Other Communication enhancements

1) More clear warning message when sending multi-community announcements

We’ve improved the clarity of the warning message when a manager is about to send a message to multiple communities.  If the managers have reply-to settings turned on, it will honor each community’s reply-to settings and from name.

2) Document library email notifications

The from name in the document library e-notification now displays the community name instead of the manager’s name.

Other enhancements

Ticket due dates

Previously, when you search tickets by their due date and time, the table would show tickets that are due within the UTC timezone.  We’ve now fixed the search functionality so that tickets specified in any time range will display in your time zone.

About Pilera

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