June 1, 2021 Release Notes: New Community Notices

In this month\’s release update, learn about a new feature to keep your residents informed right in the portal, as well as a new resource to help you succeed with Pilera.

Introducing Community Notices

Managers can now post a notice for each community or apply a notice to all communities at once.  Community notices are a great way for managers to bring attention to important information to residents.  The notice will appear on the dashboard page of the resident portal.  In the manager portal, the community notice will display on the dashboard and occupant pages.  To give your residents the best user experience on desktop and mobile, we recommend posting one notice at a time and keeping the notice short.    

With HTML knowledge, managers can also customize the look and feel of the community notice in the portal.  Modifying the color or size of the text, bolding or underlining the text are just a few of the things you can do to enhance the look.  

The Community Notice feature is available in the Templates section of the app and can be configured by a Company Admin or a Template Admin.  For more information about this new feature, contact [email protected].  

Here are some examples of how you can use community notices:

  • Changes to office hours during the holidays.  
  • Reminders about when online payments are due. 
  • Changes to important community procedures. For example, if a CC&R was recently updated, you can add a notice to inform residents to check the document library for the updated version.
  • Community closures that residents need to be aware of.
  • Any changes to how residents need to pay their dues (change of bank or the process itself).
  • Friendly messages to your residents, like wishing everyone a good weekend. 
  • Add a “Did you know?” notice once in a while.  This is a great way to engage your residents with information that will help them to enjoy their property or community. Give some actionable tips on topics that interest your residents.  Consider giving tips about seasonal maintenance, ways to increase the curb appeal of the property, or even how to access different information in the community’s portal in Pilera.  
  • Links to surveys or other important information. 

Take a look at the new feature!


Book a live training directly from the app

Do you want to learn about how a particular feature works in Pilera?  You can now book a 15-minute training session directly in the app. Navigate to your dashboard and you\’ll see a link to book a training.


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