Introducing the New Resident and Board Member Dashboard

To start the new year, we’ve released some new exciting updates in the resident and board member portal.  These updates to the portal include a new home page when logging in and easier-to-use navigation. The new resident and board member portal aims to enhance the resident experience in the portal with visibility to important information and quick links to direct them to what they need.

What are these new updates all about?

Visibility into the community and unit information

When residents and board members log into the portal, they will be greeted by the dashboard that provides a high-level summary of what is occurring in the community and within their own unit. Residents can view open work orders, architecture change requests, packages that are awaiting pick-up, new messages in the past month, and open office hours for the day. Beneath each metric is a direct link to access that page for more details.


Update communication preference easily

Maintaining up-to-date contact information is critical so that residents and board members can be informed of important events happening in the community.  In the dashboard, the resident will see the phone number, email address, and text number they have on file with their community. The dashboard also provides quick links to update contact information and communication preference.  The preferred method of communication is denoted by a blue color in comparison to other contact methods, which are displayed in gray color. If the email address or text number is invalid, the dashboard will display an error message and the resident or board member can correct it.    

Make payments online and view the balance

The new dashboard provides residents and board members with access to their outstanding balance so that they can make a payment. The “Make a Payment” link right beneath the balance will direct them to the payment service to pay the dues.

Additional visibility for board members

In addition to the above metrics, board members will also gain a high-level view of the tasks and architecture change requests that are currently open in the community.

A more intuitive navigation

We’ve also improved the navigation structure to enhance the portal experience and make it easier to find information.  The new navigation items are Dashboard, Your Info, Unit, Community, Website, and Contact. Residents can manage their profile information through the Your Info tab.  They can also view and manage information pertaining to their home through the Unit tab, and view important information such as documents and events in the Community tab.  The website tab directs them to their community website. Through the Contact tab, residents and board members can send management a message.

About Pilera

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