Introducing the New Insurance Dashboard

Residents are required to purchase various types of insurance to protect their personal items and their home against theft, vandalism, equipment damage, and structural damage either caused by humans or nature.  The insurance that they are required to purchase must also be renewed every year so they can have their replacement costs covered if the need arises. For HOA management companies to oversee association operations, the managers need a way to track insurance.  It’s important for management companies to ensure residents are in compliance with the bare minimum of coverage needed as stated by the governing documents. Through Pilera’s community management software, managers can add and keep track of resident insurance.  This month, we’ve added another level of tracking for the insurance functionality with a dashboard to give managers more powerful insights.

About the new Insurance Dashboard

The insurance dashboard provides a summary of all insurance tickets managers have created in a specific community or across their entire portfolio.  This dashboard helps managers to keep track of the types of insurance that residents have on file, as well as track expiration dates, which is the most important.  To track expirations, managers can use the sort function directly in the dashboard or through their generated reports.  

Managers can generate a report by filtering criteria that meets their business needs.  The main aim of this dashboard is to provide managers with high-level insights on types of insurance being tracked, expiration information, and quick access to insurance agent information.  These are the criteria managers can filter on:

  • Communities – Select the entire portfolio or a specific community.
  • Status – New, acknowledged, in progress, closed, etc.
  • State – Open, closed, or deleted.
  • Category – These are the custom categories that you set up.  Examples of insurance categories you can track include personal liability, pet, vehicle, renters, or homeowners insurance.
  • Start and end date of the insurance policy.
  • Ticket ID or subject to drill down on the exact insurance ticket you are looking for.\"Insurance

To take your insurance tracking to the next level, try out this pro tip:  

Use the unit document management system to store resident insurance documentation.  If preferred, managers can give residents (owners and renters both) the option to upload their insurance documents so that management is always informed. 

To learn more about how you can improve your insurance tracking and take your operations to the next level, contact us at [email protected].  

About Pilera

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