Introducing Pilera\’s New Distribution Groups!

Greetings!  The team at Pilera wishes everyone a happy and safe new year.  To start off the new year, we\’ve released a new feature that is a popular feature request from our customers – Distribution Groups!   Pilera’s new distribution groups is an innovative and powerful way to group residents to send your messages to.  The new feature enables you to cut through the noise and send more relevant messages to your audience.  You can send a message to residents residing in beachside properties or to your garden committee through Pilera. Anything is possible!  As an added bonus, the distribution groups will save you so much time!

Watch the Distribution Groups video!

How the new distribution group gives you more flexibility

Group by any combination of location or resident

Do you need to notify everyone in a stack of units that share a common duct system in a building? Or send a message to residents that live near a lake when there is an emergency?  Pilera’s new distribution group feature is both user and location-based. That means, you can create any combination of streets, buildings, floors, units, and residents to send your message to.  Other software products in the property management market may offer the ability to create groups by the user, but Pilera is one of the only companies that groups by location.


Eliminate manual work when distribution groups maintain itself

One of the most time-saving features of the new distribution group is that the group maintains itself over time.  When a tenant or owner leaves the community, they will automatically be removed from the group and the new tenant or owner will instantly be added.  If you’d like to edit recipients in the distribution group yourself, you can do that too.     

See who’s in your group while you’re creating it

When you add specific locations or users to your group, you can view a live list of anyone that is included.  The search tool enables you to quickly see whether a resident is on the distribution list. 


Segment your communications further

Pilera’s new distribution groups feature works with the Send Announcement and Send Document feature that you already love! That means that you can further segment your message by:

  • User type – Managers, tenants, owners, board members, or other occupants. 
  • Communication method – By the resident’s communication preference or select only email, phone, or text message.  
  • Emergency force call – Phone calls.

Send your message to multiple distribution groups

When you send an announcement or a document, you can select multiple distribution groups to send the same message at the same time! This is especially useful for sending emergency preparedness messages or documents to all your distribution groups in a community that resides near lakes or rivers.   


Take your communications to the next level with Pilera’s distribution groups

The new distribution groups feature in Pilera is designed to deliver more accurate results for your communication efforts.  Send targeted messages by location or user that your audience will find helpful and will appreciate while saving time for your staff.  Reuse your distribution lists whenever you need to send a message to specific audiences and know with confidence that you’re reaching the right people with Pilera’s self-maintaining technology.  To learn more about how you can take your communication efforts to the next level with Pilera’s new distribution groups, contact us at [email protected].  

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