Introducing Pilera\’s Mobile Web Portal Experience

Resident using mobile & tablet for work orders and transaction history

After upgrading our community and company websites to a mobile-friendly version, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just released a new mobile version of our web portals for managers and residents!  The high level of usage of our portals on a mobile device and requests from clients and residents alike prompted us to transform our portals into a mobile experience. The mobile responsive web portal offers a more intuitive layout which is easy to use and navigate.  Although Pilera’s portal software has a new look and feel to it, all functions remain in the same place! In this post, we share what makes our mobile responsive web portals special.

\”Not another app!\”

Do you often find yourself asking “Why do I have to download another app?”  Chances are, you’ve already downloaded countless apps on your phone like messaging, social media, email, retail, travel, and other apps.  Not to mention the amount of storage space it takes on your phone each time you download another app. One of our favorite aspects of the new mobile responsive web portals is that it’s “not another app” you have to download.  You can access Pilera’s web portals through any browser of your choice and even access it from your phone screens with this pro tip.  

Many modern smartphones now give users the capability to save a website that they frequently visit on their home screen.  The directions may vary based on your browser:

  • Chrome: Open the browser and tap on the three vertical dot icon.  Select the \”Add to Home screen\” option.  You will be prompted to add a title so that you can easily locate the site later.  Once that\’s done, click \”Add\”.
  • Firefox: Open the browser and tap on the three vertical dot icon.  Tap the \”Page\” option and then select \”Add Page Shortcut\”.  It\’ll also show you a preview of what the site\’s icon would look like.  Then, tap on \”Add\”.
  • Safari: Open up the browser and then tap on the share button at the bottom of your screen.  Tap on \”Add to Home screen\” and give it a title of your choice.

Then, navigate to your home screen, tap the icon you just added, and you\’re all set to go!  Take a look at what the icon looks like on an Android phone:


A faster way for residents to get connected to the community

Residents are constantly on their toes balancing work, family time, their home, and their involvement in the community.  Thus, it’s essential for them to have easy access to community information so they can fully enjoy being a part of the community.  We found that many residents were previously using Pilera’s web portal on their smartphones or tablets and some found it difficult to navigate.  With the new mobile experience, residents can now log into the portal on any device to see messages, work orders, financials, events, make payments, and more.


Managers can take all of their tasks on the go

In a fast-paced work environment, community and property managers need to be able to perform their tasks with agility.  Whether managers are on the field, at a conference, a client meeting, or on a vacation, they’ll always be able to perform their tasks smoothly.  Managers can do everything they currently do from managing operations to delivering great customer support, just through a much easier interface and on any device.  

New beautiful look

The web portal has a new upgraded design and we’re confident you’ll find it to be intuitive and easier to navigate.  Our mobile-responsive website has all of the same functionality that management staff and residents are familiar with, located in the same place.  

The mobile responsive portals is a significant project our team has been working on for the past few months and we’re excited to be finally bringing this to you!  We’re confident that you’ll love the new look and that it’ll take your experience to another level. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on the new look of Pilera and the mobile experience, please let us know at [email protected].  

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