Communication Part 3: Evaluating Your Outreach Efforts

Measure Your Success

In part one of the communications series, you learned how to keep your resident data accurate and up to date.  In the second part, you explored different ways in which you can communicate relevant information to residents.  Now, we focus on how to evaluate and measure all the effort you’ve put into your communications. Let’s get started!

The Message Center

First, let’s navigate to the Message Center in the Communications tab.  This section shows all the communications you’ve sent by category or all messages at once.  When you click on details, you can see which residents have received a phone, email, or text message as well as the status.  Did the resident open the email or text message? Did the email bounce? Did they pick up the phone call, and how long did they listen to it?  Or, did the message go to their voicemail? This information will help you to better understand how your message is being received and if there are more effective ways to reach your residents.

Automated Communication Reports

Each month, Pilera sends company managers an automated report of how much communications each association is using.  This will help managers to analyze their communication spending and efforts over-time to plan ahead for future outreach to residents.  

Video: Improve Your Community Communications with Pilera

Quick Tips:

  • Review the message center on a regular basis to see if residents are opening the emails or listening to the phone messages.  If you find that too many residents are not picking up the phone calls or listening to the voicemails, then perhaps emails or text messages are a better way of getting in touch with them.  
  • Along with the message center, you’ll want to review the automated invalid text/emails report and the Occupants page to see which residents have an incorrect email or text number so you can get it corrected ASAP.  

We hope you enjoyed going through these quick tips on how to use Pilera for your condo or HOA communities and thank you for your time.  We’ll be back shortly to give you some more insight on how to best leverage different functionalities in Pilera for your communities or management company.  Stay tuned!

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