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Communications Series Part 1: Preparing for Community Outreach in Pilera

The Manager Toolkit Blog is a new educational series, seasoned with small tips within Pilera’s community and property management software to help you increase resident satisfaction, improve operations for your staff members, and keep your company or association updated in a competitive market.

We start with the communications pre-launch phase.  Before you reach out to residents, you need to a bit of quality assurance on your end.  Why is this important? Communications is only effective if it is relevant and accurate. Relevant means that you are reaching residents in a way that is the best for them.  If a resident does not have an email address, then phone or text message would be the most relevant way to reach them. Accurate means that the information is correct and residents will receive your communication.  To get started, follow these steps:

  • Check for the accuracy of resident contact information – In the Occupants page, you can view a record of all the residents and other occupants living in the community at a glance.  Next to the resident name, you will see the resident’s communication preference (phone, email, and text).  You can also view any invalid email addresses or text numbers.  We also send you an automated report of residents that have invalid email addresses and text numbers in the system.  Then, you can reach out to the resident and correct the information.
  • Introduce your management company to the community – Through the Welcome Message dashboard, send an introductory email to help residents get their account set up in Pilera.  Be sure to set up the association’s email preferences correctly so that resident responses to the email gets collected in an inbox that’s regularly monitored.
  • Let residents maintain their own information – Once the resident has signed into Pilera, residents can add their own information.  Specifically, they can add and update:  
    • Contact information
    • Alternate contact names and information (spouse, children, friends, doctors, etc)
    • Alternate addresses (resident’s vacation home, billing address, etc)
    • Communication preference (phone email, text)
    • Language preference (there are 90 languages they can choose from in Pilera)
    • Insurance
    • Lease information if the resident has tenants
    • Pet information
    • Vehicle information

Quick tips on our communications platform:

    • If you manage multiple communities, you can use the global search function to search for a resident record in any community.  
    • Create a welcome message that is simple and easy for residents to understand.  You can create the email content yourself or you can use Pilera’s custom-created welcome email.  

Keeping information up to date increases the reliability of your resident database and helps you to reach them effectively when you need to.  We hope you enjoyed going through these quick tips on how to use Pilera for your condo or HOA communities.  We thank you for your time and will back shortly to give you some more insight into communications.  Stay tuned!