Communication Part 2: Communicate consistently with residents

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Last month, you learned how to manage your community’s data effectively and send a welcome message to new residents in Pilera.  Specifically, you performed a quality assurance check of your data. You’ve looked at the invalid emails and text numbers report (automatically sent to your inbox). [icon name=\”check\” class=\”\” unprefixed_class=\”\”] Also, you’ve given the power to residents to update their information. [icon name=\”check\” class=\”\” unprefixed_class=\”\”]

In the second part, we discuss different communication options in Pilera to help you send the right message at the right time.  Follow along!

Types of Outreach

  • Announce something important to your community – When you need to send an important message to your community, you can use the Send Announcement feature in Pilera.  This can be sent in the form of an email, text, or a phone call.  It’s completely up to you and the resident. If there is an incident occurring in the community and you need to inform your residents quickly of the situation, you can type the message and turn on Emergency Phone Call.  The residents will receive a phone call through the number set as their primary contact and an email.
  • Send files to your community – When you need to send relevant or time-sensitive documents to your community, you can use the Send Document feature in Pilera.  Residents will receive the document if they specified email address their communication preference. There are many types of files you can attach to the email.  You can also send multiple in the same email too.
  • Let residents know of an upcoming event – You can use the Event feature in Pilera to notify residents of any upcoming events in the community.  Residents will receive an email if they have specified one as their communication preference.

Be in control of who gets your messages & when

Whether you are sending an announcement, an urgent message, files, or event notifications, you should be in full control of who gets the message and when they get it.  You can send communications to a particular street, building, floor, unit, or to groups of people. The latter can be sent through the Send Message feature. Through the schedule announcements feature, you can schedule a message 2 weeks in advance.  This is especially helpful if a staff member is going on vacation.  They can send important messages to the HOA or condo community members even when not in the office.

Video: How to Improve Communications with Pilera

What else can you communicate to residents?  

  • Update residents on the status of a work order they submitted to management.  You can let them know what is going on throughout the maintenance request, not just when the request is complete.
  • If a resident violated an association rule, you can choose to have residents be notified through their preferred communication method.       

We hope you enjoyed going through these quick tips on how to use Pilera for your condo or HOA communities and thank you for your time.  We’ll be back soon to give you some more insight on communications. Stay tuned!

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