Benefits of Automated Phone & Text for Your HOA Community

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We’re excited to introduce Communication +, a new product that joins Pilera’s suite of management platforms for single-family HOA’s, condominiums, and apartments.  Through the Communication + product, managers now have a variety of ways to convey their messages to residents with confidence and at an affordable rate.  In this blog post, learn how you can take your community communications to the next level with automated phone & text messaging! 

What is the difference between Communication and Communication+?

The Communication product provides managers with an easy way to send unlimited emails to a community. Communication + offers managers greater flexibility in reaching residents through text messages and phone calls.


Send text messages

Text messaging is increasingly becoming the preferred method to reach residents, even surpassing traditional email.  According to Text Magic, 82% of text messages that individuals receive are read within 5 minutes, whereas they only open 25% of the emails they receive.  Two of the most important benefits of text message as a communication method is immediacy and reach. Community managers can reach a larger number of people through text messaging as most people now carry mobile phones, whether it is the latest smartphone or a traditional cell phone.  Also, text messages are a great way to reach residents “now”. Through Pilera, managers have greater flexibility in how they send their messages and that helps to improve their communication efforts. Managers can segment text messages by building, street, floor, unit, or can send them to a resident. Additionally, residents have the option to receive text messages in another language with Pilera’s language translation capabilities.  Once the text message has been sent, managers can view delivery analytics showing who received and opened the message.

Make voice calls

Managers can make automated phone calls to residents that prefer phone calls to text or if the message content is more apt for a call than a text or email.  Through Pilera, managers can call an entire community or segment their calls by building, floor, unit, or person. Residents can receive phone calls in Spanish through language translation.  In the event that managers need to reach the community immediately, they can use the Reverse 911 functionality to place emergency calls. When selecting the Reverse 911 option, the resident’s current communication preference is overridden and they will receive a phone call.  For example, if a resident has provided management with their email and phone number but prefers only email, the Reverse 911 functionality will override the preference and send the resident an emergency call. Once the calls have been made, managers can view which residents have heard the message and which residents were sent a voicemail.    

Unit-based pricing

The new Communications + product is affordably priced at $2/unit/month for phone calls or text messages.  The unit-based pricing allows management companies flexibility as they grow and pay only for the number of units they handle.

Pilera’s Communication + product helps managers to increase satisfaction within the community through a multitude of ways to keep residents connected.  Automated text messages and phone calls are instant ways to reliably convey important messages to residents. To learn more about Communication + and how it can enhance relations with your communities today, contact [email protected].  

About Pilera

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