August 24, 2021: New Ticket Alerts and Integration Updates

Greetings! In this month\’s release, we\’re excited to share a new feature for tickets that many of our clients have been asking for along with some accounting integration updates. Let\’s dive in!

New Features

1) Create beautiful alerts for all of your tickets

Managers can now create beautiful and professional-looking alerts for all ticket types in Pilera. These alerts give visibility on important information that you want to convey to your residents. 

You can create alerts for the following tickets:

  • Unit and common area work orders.
  • Rule violations.
  • Architectural change requests.
  • Activity logs.
  • Customer support.
  • Tasks.

With some HTML knowledge, you can create alerts that instantly stand out.  Want the step-by-step instructions?  Read our help article to start creating ticket alerts today! 

Here\’s an example of an alert to inspire your own:

Ticket alert for an Architectural Change Request.


2) Paylease Single Sign-On for VMS Clients

Clients who are using Village Management Software (VMS) can now implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for Paylease online resident payments.  With the new SSO capabilities, give your residents a seamless experience to make their rent or dues payments online.  

If you are a VMS user and are new to Pilera, be sure to check out our partner spotlight post to learn how Pilera can complement your VMS experience.

3) Display future ledger entries from Jenark

Pilera clients who are using Jenark can now display future ledger entries in the resident portal with our integration.  This means that your residents will be able to view upcoming fees such as utility charges, garbage disposal fees, or special assessments weeks in advance.  


Prioritize your support tickets

Last month, we introduced a new Support Management feature where your team can manage all resident support requests in one centralized place.  In this month’s release, you can now assign a priority to each support ticket so you can better organize your work.

About Pilera

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