New Community Notes & Alliance Bank SSO

New Community Notes and Alliance Bank SSO

New Features

Community Notes

With new Community Notes, managers can share essential reminders, notes, or updates directly on their dashboard with other managers.  This note section serves as a digital scratchpad to help you bridge any communication gaps when changing shifts. 

Community Notes 1

Alliance Bank Payment SSO

Pilera’s integration with Village Management Software (VMS) now includes Alliance Bank Payment single sign-on (SSO). Residents can conveniently access a direct link to their online payment within Pilera.    

Bug Fix

Owner Insurance Fix

We fixed an issue where owners could not add their insurance information to the portal.  

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management software that has helped thousands of community managers enhance communications, operations, client support, engagement, and voting.  Book a personalized demo to learn how Pilera can help improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

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