Comment Editing is now here + 2 more enhancements to improve Ticket Efficiency

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Greetings!  We’re back with a new Manager Toolkit post this month, where you will learn about three new ticketing enhancements. Through these enhancements, you\’ll be able to manage your tickets better and quicker! These features are now available for all ticket types – work orders, support, architectural change requests, unit activity logs, rule violations, and tasks.   

Manage Attachments

In Pilera, it is now easier to manage attachments in a ticket.  You can now remove an attachment from a ticket.  This is especially helpful when you need to replace an outdated file with a new one or remove an incorrect file.  We’ve also made it quicker for managers to add more attachments without needing to edit a ticket.

Since Pilera tracks every action taken on a ticket, you can easily see a history of which files were removed/added, when, and by whom in the events section.   


Edit & Delete Ticket Comments

Many of our customers requested the ability to edit and delete comments within a ticket.  We’re excited to announce that this feature is now live!  When you edit or delete a comment, Pilera automatically tracks the changes in the events section of the ticket.  Then, you’ll always have a history of what has been done.   


Quicker Access to Tickets from Your Email

We understand that efficiency and speed are vital to your customer service process and that’s why we’ve made it easier for you to access a specific ticket from within your email.  Now, when you receive an email notification about a ticket, there is a direct link for you to access that ticket.  Direct access to the ticket does require logging into Pilera so you can view the details, comment on the ticket, reassign it, and more.  If you are already logged into Pilera, you will be taken to that ticket directly.  However, if you haven’t logged in yet for the day, you will be prompted to log in.        


Thanks for tuning in for this month’s Manager Toolkit on the new ticket feature enhancements!  We’ll be back with more tips and best practices on how to use Pilera for your communities. Want to view more tips and best practices on topics such as communication, maintenance, customer support, and more? Visit our Manager Toolkit library!

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