2018 Pilera Annual Report

2018 Pilera Annual Review

2018 was a great year for Pilera, as our development team was hard at work creating many new features and enhancing all of our existing community management software functionality.  We\’d also like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to our wonderful customers, who continue to support and give us valuable feedback!  At Pilera, our focus is to continue introducing new functionality to make our HOA, condo, and apartment rental managers\’ daily tasks easier every day.  To that end, we\’ve introduced flexible portfolio-level capabilities for managing documents, data, and vendor workload.  This year, we\’ve published our first Pilera Annual Review, where we describe all the new features and enhancements released in the past year.  In this blog post, we highlight a few of those functionalities.

1) Mobile-friendly Community & Company Websites templates

Toward the end of 2018, we introduced several new community & company website templates that are fully mobile-responsive.  Managers can restrict pages to either the entire community, board members, owners, or make certain pages public.  Residents can get all their important community information on any device including community documents, events, marketplace items, balance & ledger, forms, and more.  Take a look at our community and company website samples.

2) New Document Library

The new document library is a vast improvement over the legacy version, providing greater flexibility for managing documents at a portfolio-level.  Managers can create folders and sub-folders, restrict documents by user role, share documents across the entire portfolio or multiple communities, and even email documents by user role.

3) Cross-Community Search

We\’ve expanded community occupant search to a global-level.  Managers can now search a resident\’s record across the entire portfolio and then be instantly directed to the resident\’s record.

For more in-depth information about the websites, document library, cross-community search tool as well as a vast range of other new features and updates we made to our platform in 2018, download our 2o18 Pilera Annual Report.



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