Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like flinging the windows open to let in some fresh air when the warm weather hits. It often inspires the desire to remove dust and grime that hid in the corners during the dark and chilly months of winter. That’s right – it’s spring cleaning time. And while that might mean for your residents that rugs are getting shampooed and spice cabinets are being reorganized, for a condo association it means something much different.


Many condo buildings will put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and hallways in the spring, clean windows in the common areas, clean all that winter salt and grime from the floors, and polish brass. It’s also the perfect time to trim the hedges and plant some colorful flowers in those long-dormant flower beds. Some condo associations use spring’s rebirth as the time to plan out the rest of the year – spring cleaning and maintenance projects to be finished by the fall followed by snow removal plans before spring happily rolls around again.


Spring is the time to repair any damage left behind by winter. Building managers should do a walk around the perimeter to check for cracks in the foundation, walls, sidewalks, or parking lots. Parking spot lines that faded under the snow should be repainted. It’s also a good idea to check on those boilers that worked hard all winter. They should be running efficiently so that they’re not wasting energy in the warmer months and should be in top shape in case of an early cold snap in the fall.


The grounds should be checked for any plants or trees that didn’t survive the winter so they can be removed and replaced. Nothing’s more hazardous than a dead tree in the midst of a violent summer storm. Some buildings choose to clean the rugs in common areas, and spring is also the perfect time to check that emergency lighting and smoke detectors are in working order – though safety equipment should be checked more than once a year.


Condo associations that have a regular spring plan in place should be able to get through their spring cleaning check-lists quickly so that everything will be clean, maintenance projects will be well underway by summer, and everyone can take a quick breather in the fall before winter rears its head once again. Happy spring!


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