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Power up your customer service team

Power up your customer service team with Pilera’s help desk, the only platform designed for community managers. Restore efficiency and reinvigorate your customer support team with the easiest to use tools in the market.  

Robust Customer Support Management – NEW!

Power your client services team with one place to manage all support requests from start to finish. You no longer have to use separate applications or third-party support software to deliver the support your residents deserve.  

Give your residents an easy way to submit requests and receive updates.
Keep your team aligned with ticket assignments, due dates, and internal comments.
Know what was done for every request and how it was resolved with audit tracking.
Easily filter data through powerful dashboards so you can plan your day better or manage staff workload.
Run your business more efficiently with community and portfolio-level reports.
Dashboard Showing Tickets Assigned to a Manager

Maryland customer since 2019

“The work orders make me way more efficient and able to just roll through my list real quick…The history of work orders – I’m able to look it up and just see how many times the roof’s been worked on in a particular area, is amazing, through all of its history!”

Norm Patton, Property Manager – Solomons Landing Condominium

Activity/call log & task management

Don’t let the small things slip through the cracks. Track every interaction with a resident and assign people to any log that requires additional attention.   

Assign staff to any log that requires additional attention.
Log activities at the person or unit level.
Help Desk Ticket Dashboard
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California customer since 2019

“The activity logs give us documentation of what we are dealing with on a daily or on a monthly basis. When we meet with the boards, we give them the reports and say, look we got 60 calls from your community this month. It reduces costs by identifying trends. It helps bring issues to the board’s attention. We weren’t able to produce those types of reports to the boards before Pilera.”

Carlos Molina, Chief Technology Officer – Professional Association Services, Inc.

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