When Is Moving Season?

Most condo property managers are probably breathing a sigh of relief that moving season is over, and the chance of having to deal with a new owner moving in or an old one moving out is slim. However, not every buyer and seller adheres to the spring/summer moving season tradition. Each season has its benefits and drawbacks.


Many people move in the summer and spring because they want their kids to start a school year where they’ll finish it. This means there’s a lot of inventory on the market in the summer and spring. There’s also a lot of competition. Open houses could feel crowded and bidding wars can break out between interested buyers. If you choose to move in the busy season, be prepared to move fast and be competitive. Also keep in mind that in the high season, moving companies tend to charge a premium. Be prepared!


In the fall and winter, there are fewer houses on the market, but there’s also less competition. This is also the time that sellers will drop prices, fearing they’ll have to wait until next summer to sell. So there are bargains to be had as long as you’re willing to wade through a few fixer-uppers and take a couple of things off your dream home wish list.
So when’s moving season? Turns out the answer is, “Now!” And next season. And the one after that. So be prepared for a little turnover even as the weather cools and give your chilly new owners a warm welcome.

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