Vacation Rentals and the HOA

One of the reasons people cite for purchasing a condo is its location. Maybe it has an incredible view. Maybe it’s within walking distance of the city’s best restaurants. Maybe the owner thinks others will appreciate those aspects of his condo, as well.

Vacation season is here and house swapping sites are gaining popularity. You might find some condo owners in your property are looking to take part in the trend. Short-term rentals are a mixed bag. A condo owner might find the perfect family to move in for a week or two and then they’d leave with no disruption. What’s the harm, right? On the other hand, a condo owner might bring in a constantly rotating cast of renters who use their vacation spot to blare loud music and disrupt the neighborhood.

Most HOAs lay out rules about how many units in their property can be rental properties at one time — and that’s for leases that last at least a year. There also should be rules about short-term rentals that either restrict or ban the process to keep disruption to full-time neighbors at a minimum.

To prevent condo owners from pleading ignorance, now is a good time to remind condo owners about your HOA’s rental rules as the summer starts to heat up. There’s no harm in a gentle reminder before the travel bug bites.

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