Tornado Safety Tips for Your Residents

Tornado season - is your community prepared for a tornado?

There’s no doubt that there’s been some weird weather this year. A neverending winter, snow in places that never get snow, mudslides, and flooding are just some of the odd weather events that have hit us in the first few months of 2014. And with spring and summer come tornadoes!

If your property is in a tornado-prone part of the country — or even if it isn’t — it’s a good idea to make sure your tenants are prepared in case of an emergency. Tornadoes can pop up with little to no warning, so put some safety tips in your tenants’ hands before bad weather hits.

Designate a safety zone where all of your tenants can gather. The first floor, an underground garage, or a basement space away from windows is ideal. Instruct residents on upper floors to move as low as possible. If there’s a tornado in the area, residents in the safety zone should lie down and cover themselves with blankets or pillows to protect themselves from flying debris. Lying under a heavy piece of furniture offers extra protection.

Once the immediate danger a tornado presents has passed, residents should still take care when exiting the building. Downed power lines or large tree limbs hanging by a thread all present dangers to people wandering the streets.

Help your tenants be prepared so they can stay safe if any more weird weather heads our way!

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