Theft Prevention Tips for Property Managers

Theft prevention for your community; picture of a lock.

When people live in a community, like in an apartment building, there are a lot of things they can do collectively to protect each other. This is especially true when it comes to theft. As the property manager, consider sharing these tips with your tenants so that they can protect themselves and each other from property loss.

  • When calling the kids in for dinner, make sure they put away their bikes and other expensive toys. Items sitting around outside are easy pickin\’s for thieves.

  • If you purchase a big ticket item, remember that leaving the box by the curb for trash pick-up is like letting a thief know exactly what you have in your home.

  • Thieves love properties that give them both easy entry and a good escape route. Keep hedges trimmed well below the window line. Hedges that grow over the windows provide good cover for thieves using them as a point of entry.

  • When considering what plant to use in your well-groomed hedge, think about those that have thorns. Those provide a natural defense against criminals.

  • If you have a sliding door, remember that some models can easily be popped off their tracks allowing thieves easy entry. In addition to locking your sliding door, place a strong dowel in the back track.

  • Always lock windows and doors and keep blinds closed so that thieves can’t peek in and see what you have in your home.

  • Look out for your neighbors. Know who belongs in your complex and who doesn’t, and question those who don’t look familiar.

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