The Escalation of the Condo Wars

A woman sitting on a sofa with many pets near her.

With so many homebuyers opting for — or transitioning to — condos, the problems that come with fully occupied condo complex has increased exponentially. Some problems associated with communal living, such as noise complaints, issues surrounding pets, and the like, are still there, but new problems are becoming readily apparent — and not all condo associations are ready or willing to deal with them.

One of the primary issues is that so many people are switching from single family homes to condos with the promise of a hassle-free lifestyle, but these folks are not necessarily prepared to handle sharing walls and ceilings with their neighbors. In the same vein, it’s much easier to ignore a problem neighbor if there are yards and fences between you, but not so much if you need to pass their front door to reach the elevator.

Another issue is condo boards and associations. There have been stories of condo boards who try to rule their complexes like kingdoms, dictating rules and regulations with no concern for residents’ opinions or even rights. Some boards are so out of touch with their complexes that some residents with no recourse resort to lawsuits or even acts of vandalism or violence to effect change.

So what’s the solution? There’s no easy answer. Ultimately, resolution of day-to-day resident issues falls to a responsible and responsive condo board, so residents should be careful when electing officers. And if the move is going to continue to trend toward condos, people are just going to have to learn to get along.

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